Home Pick-Up

Home Pick-Up

If you are interested in donating items in gently used condition and would like a home pick-up, and you live within the Sauk Prairie Community which also includes: Witwen, Denzer, Bluffview, Roxbury, please call (608) 643-8905 ext. 17 to schedule. Please leave a message if you are calling outside of regular business hours.

We pick up on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday generally between 10:30am to 4pm. We are typically able to schedule a home pick-up with a two – three day advance notice. Please understand that we are unable to schedule a specific time for your pick-up as each day’s routes are not fully planned until the morning of pick-up. We need to use the most efficient route by keeping our fuel costs low to maximize the value of contributions from generous donors and we appreciate our donors understanding this requires flexibility.

We also have volunteers in the Lodi area who do pick-ups as well. For pickup in Lodi area, please call (608) 592-3945 to schedule. Pickups in this area are typically done on Tuesdays along with having our truck parked at St. Pat’s on Saturday mornings for a few hours.

As with all donations our crew cannot carry over-sized heavy items out of basement area’s or down from 2nd or 3rd floor apartments—we have no problem if items are in garage or 1st floor.  It is the safety of our volunteers we need to protect. If you need additional information, please call. Likewise deliveries are limited to ground floor.

What we can accept:

  • Clothing, furniture and household items, sporting items, tools that are clean, working condition and are suitable for resale in our store
  • Craft, sewing items, bedding, jewelry, pots & pans, luggage, purses, office supplies, CD’s, records, books (no encyclopedias) magazines, pet items, lawn & garden – check any items if not listed by calling: 608-643-8905 ext. 17 to see if we take.


Due to Safety Regulations, disposal and handling costs or limited resale value we are unable to accept the following:

  • Televisions or non-working electronics
  • Car seats – cribs – walkers – baby items due to recalls
  • Non-working appliances or items –  10 yrs or older
  • Hazardous materials
  • Broken furniture – (unsellable furniture of any kind)
  • Pickup toppers or bedliners for trucks – Rusty broken bikes
  • Pianos / organs
  • Clothes that have been in wet/damp basements or storage areas.
  • Used mattresses & box springs

Please note this is a partial list call if you have any questions

Please note: items dropped off after hours or on weekends we do not give a receipt for tax purposes – we suggest that you bring them to store between the hours of 8am – 5pm or up to 6pm on Wednesday nights.

When donating clothes and other items remember to make an itemized list for your records stating what was donated, how many and the condition (new, fair, good).  We do not determine the value placed on the donation – you need to fill this information in to use for tax purposes. Some charities give an appraisal figure but, we do not. The IRS requires proof of the donation and documentation supporting its appraised value. If you go online and bring up IRS guideline to Fair Market Value this will give you an estimated value.